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What are the specifications for steel bar stacking

Date:2022-02-10 09:40:56

Steel bar stacking rack, standardize the placement of steel bars in the chemical site, and appreciate the examples of steel bar stacking rack. HanKun industry helps you solve the problem of steel bar stacking. In order to ensure the safety of Shanghai construction project, civilized construction, standardize the requirements of construction site and meet the national standards, HanKun industry has made a tool steel bar stacking rack for the problem of steel bar stacking in Shanghai construction site. I-beam production, full welding, strong bearing, reliable quality, double-layer paint corrosion resistance, yellow black and red white warning line spraying, beautiful and bright, and improve safety.

1. Considering the impact of dynamic load on the floor slab during construction, in order to be safe, we still set up steel pipe scaffold in the underground garage corresponding to the reinforcement yard for support.


2. It is estimated that the thickness of the roof of the underground garage is 300mm and the main beam of the underground garage is 500mm × 1000mm, 700mm for column × 700mm。 According to the location of the above reinforcement yard, it can be seen from the construction drawing of the designed underground garage that the soil covering thickness of the roof of the underground garage is 1400mm.


During the construction of main structure, reinforcement processing shed and raw material storage yard shall be set. Load limiting use of temporary roads: Although the designed soil covering thickness of the roof of the underground garage is 1200 mm, it is estimated that the average distributed load is about 21.6kn/m2, in order to prevent concentrated load.

1. Requirements for stacking yard

The site for stacking reinforcement shall be solid and flat. The base course of the site shall be hardened with concrete or crushed stone, and a drainage slope shall be set from the middle to both sides to avoid ponding in the base course. During stacking, a reinforcement yard frame shall be set under the reinforcement, with a height from the ground of no less than 200mm and a spacing of 1500mm, so as to prevent reinforcement corrosion and pollution.


2. Stacking of raw materials


After the reinforcement raw materials enter the site, they shall be stacked according to the position of the phased construction plan of the above ground structure by specification and model, and shall not be placed randomly for the convenience of unloading.


2.1 stacking of finished steel bars: stack the processed steel bars in sections, sections, layers, sections and component names according to the number sequence. The steel bars in the same part or the same component shall be stacked together to ensure convenient construction.


2.2 steel bar identification: the storage yard * * * of raw and finished steel bars shall be provided with obvious identification plates, which shall indicate the mobilization time, inspected status, specification, length and origin of steel bars; The finished steel bar signboard shall indicate the use position, steel bar specification, steel bar sketch, processing producer and inspected state. The shelves of the reinforcement yard shall standardize the placement of reinforcement in the chemical site.


As the equipment entering the construction site first, the steel bar stacking rack shall be reasonably arranged to avoid loss before use. After the steel bar enters the construction site, the steel bar stacking rack shall be used well. The steel bars of various specifications and models shall not be confused, and the steel bar nameplate shall be accurately and clearly marked. The finished products and semi-finished products shall be stacked separately, so as to facilitate viewing and picking up when processing and hoisting the steel bar, improve the work efficiency, and take protective measures under the cushion and cover the steel bar to avoid rust.